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Why Choose Life on the North Carolina Coast

“Above Photo Courtesy of a Beau Coast Resident”

Located on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, sits the Beau Coast community, boasting with beautiful new homes in Beaufort NC an ideal location for anyone contemplating a new coastal lifestyle. Whether you’re looking at moving full-time, having a seasonal second home, or planning an idyllic retirement, the 85-mile Crystal Coast, of which Beaufort is a part, offers the best of coastal living. Here you’ll find everything from stunning nature to a vibrant environment rich with activities and adventures.

Beaufort is a popular summer destination, but people from NC and other states are increasingly seeing the appeal of moving here full time. It’s not just retirees, either. Plenty of young families are moving here, recognizing the appeal and the wealth of benefits of living a coastal lifestyle, including great schools and a variety of business opportunities. Best of all, thanks to great weather, including many temperate months, there’s plenty to enjoy all year long.

The beach is the obvious draw and there’s a reason for that. From early morning swims or walks before work or a great way to relax after work, the beach is always there for you. Plus, there’s always the weekend to enjoy a full day at the beach. Even in the winter, there’s something majestic about the beach, especially with fewer people around. You can bundle up and enjoy a peaceful, meditative walk with an amazing view.

As well as the obvious fun of having the beach so close, there’s another benefit from that proximity: the natural environment and wildlife. Adults and children alike appreciate the wild horses of Shackleford Banks, the various species of shorebirds, bottlenose dolphins, seagulls, baby sea turtles, and so much more that you will find in this area. Living in such an environment gives you a greater appreciation for nature and all of its inhabitants, something particularly wonderful for children to grow up learning.

Living a coastal lifestyle also tends to lead to a more active lifestyle. With paddle boards, surfboards, sailing, and a host of water sports, not to mention all of the walking and hiking trails, residents tend to stay active thanks to a variety of less traditional sports and activities. With so many appealing outdoor activities, it’s hard not to stay active! Kayaking is more fun than the rowing machine in a gym and you’re more likely to partake in a range of activities because they’re just a part of life along the coast, not part of a boring exercise routine.

Speaking of health, a diet rich in seafood can be good for you, and when you live right on the coast, you’re going to end up with some fantastic restaurants. While seafood is always popular and shows up on most menus, you’ll find a range of great dining options in Beaufort. Some of the popular hotspots that include outdoor dining options include Aqua Restaurant, City Kitchen, Beaufort Grocery Co., and Front Street Grill at Stillwater. When you live full time at the coast, dining out is a bit like being on vacation year round! There are also wonderful food and drink festivals throughout the year, such as the annual Beaufort Wine and Food Festival, and the nearby NC Seafood Festival in Morehead City.

Another reason to make the permanent move is the culture you will find here. Artists are naturally drawn to the area’s beauty, so you’ll find an array of galleries to peruse, but there are also active local community theatre groups and more, plus the Beaufort Music Festival and the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, among many of the towns festivals and major events. Beaufort also is rich in local history that can be enjoyed with a walk around town or on specific guided tours.

These are just a few reasons why people are drawn to call Beaufort and the Crystal Coast home. With more people telecommuting, now may be the perfect time to embrace the dream and move into one of the beautiful Beau Coast homes in Beaufort NC. When you live on the coast, life suddenly becomes a little bit sweeter, a little bit sunnier, and much more relaxed, putting a smile on your face every day. What could be finer than living in coastal Carolina!




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