Design the Perfect Home Office

With many of us working from home now, the topic of home office space probably comes to mind more than it may have before! Here at Beau Coast, you have an opportunity to build a completely custom home in Beaufort NC, suited according to your needs. What else is better than having a beautiful workspace and a gorgeous place to enjoy your life outside of the office!

For this month’s topic of home office space, let’s look at some tips for creating the perfect space to work from home. Here in Beau Coast, you have a lot of options when choosing your new home in Beaufort, NC. There is the Peninsula, the newest phase of completely custom, build-on-your lot homesites abutting the gorgeous Turner’s Creek along with our brand-new construction homes available throughout our community.

No matter the style of home you design, there’s always a space that can be used as a home office. Where and how you design it depends on the importance of a home office and how private you need the work space to be.

Part of the process in choosing the right space for your office should come down to how you answer some of these questions.

  • How much desktop space and storage do you need?
  • Do you need a printer/scanner and other electrical equipment besides a computer?
  • Are you on the phone frequently requiring quiet and no external distractions?
  • Do you need a lot of physical items, such as reference books, samples, and other bulky items, including paperwork files?
  • Do you tend to leave your work area cluttered on a daily basis?

These factors matter in choosing the right room and setup. If you’re going to be on the phone regularly and need a fair amount of equipment and room to leave items out without them being disturbed, then you really do need to have a dedicated office space to yourself. You also want to make sure you have enough electrical plugs to deal safely with any equipment. You’ll also need to think about storage. Closets may serve your purpose, especially when updated with additional shelving and storage units, but you may also need shelving, file holders, and bookcases within easy reach.

Finally, aside from some nice art pieces and appropriate lighting, consider adding in a comfortable chair in one corner where you can relax and clear your mind for a few minutes, away from your desk. Stepping away from a problem briefly does help. You may also want to include a coffee maker and small fridge to keep you focused and less likely to get distracted if you go to the kitchen too often.

Take advantage of being able to decorate and layout the space in a way that meets your needs. Make it more colorful, add more plants, and choose office furniture that is comfortable and inspiring, not just industrial. Not only will it likely increase your productively, but it will improve the looks of your home for those times when the office door is open.

A properly designed home office also makes it easier to separate work from the rest of your life. Leave your work phone behind, close the door, and make the most of the custom homes in Beaufort NC at the Peninsula, Beau Coast. Offering water access and gorgeous views of Turner’s Creek. After all, you build a custom home here to enjoy all that the area has to offer, not to stay cooped up in an office!

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