Crystal Coast Sees Positive Growth


This past year has made a lot of people rethink various aspects of their lives. Including where they live and how comfortable they are in their current home. The Crystal Coast, which includes the Beau Coast homes in Beaufort NC, has played a part in helping people achieve their dreams of coastal living. As Business North Carolina magazine recently pointed out, Carteret County has experienced surprising growth over the past year, despite the pandemic or even because of it. It represents a chance to live a dream life in an idyllic setting, something that people don’t want to put off any longer.

Carteret County and the Crystal Coast have benefited extensively from tourism over the past decades, being an ideal destination for summer vacations and long weekends. It certainly also appeals to those looking to retire to the coast, but what has happened over the past few years, including this past year, is an overall increase in people of all ages moving to the region full time. Having a community that offers multiple home and lifestyle options, such as Beau Coast, is giving people many opportunities to live in Carteret County full time, not just on vacay.

The last six months of 2020 saw a huge boom for Carteret County as people felt the need to get out and away from their cooped up daily life. Beaufort is ideal, because it offers a wealth of outdoor options, from sporting activities to dining, providing people with options that feel safe and worthwhile. In fact, elements of last year in 2020 did even better than they did in 2019, with many months surpassing their 2019 numbers in areas such as retail sales tax, occupancy tax, and real estate excise taxes. The last two are particularly interesting, as the area is usually pretty full during normal times, so to see increases in occupancy and purchasing of property shows just how in demand and appealing Beaufort is these days.

Increasingly, people who visit Beaufort realize that it’s the kind of place where they want to live, not just vacation. There’s a vibrant mix of businesses and restaurants that offer much more than tourists knick knacks. These are businesses that offer residents an extensive range of options that make it easy to live here. The new arrivals are bringing new and exciting businesses with them, while still offering the casual coastal charm that you expect from the region. Add in all the natural beauty and outdoor activities, and it’s easy to feel at home in today’s Beaufort.

With businesses growing, and unemployment drastically lower than much of the country — 4.9% in November — there’s real incentive to move permanently to the Crystal Coast. Add in the appeal of being able to live a much richer life thanks to so many outdoor activities and options, not to mention great communities like Beau Coast, and it’s easy to see why Carteret County is becoming more than a vacation destination. If you’re ready to take advantage of the rich life that awaits you when you live in a beautiful and successful coastal community, contact us at Beau Coast to learn more about purchasing one of our Peninsula lots or homes in Beaufort NC. See what it’s like to be a part of this period of golden growth on the Crystal Coast.

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