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One of the many reasons to choose one of the Beaufort NC new homes for sale at Beau Coast is the opportunity to try a new activity like surf fishing. The community is near a variety of Crystal Coast beaches where you can enjoy this pastime, which is ideal to do on your own or with the whole family.

Surf fishing is just that, you stand on the beach along the surf and throw out your fishing line, all without need of a boat. With miles of sandy beaches along the Crystal Coast, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy this activity. The high season is May to October, but it can be done year-round. You could easily catch the freshest of fish for that night’s dinner! Among the fish typically caught are bass, bluefish, pompano, sea mullet, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, and red and black drum.

While many people enjoy boating in Beaufort, sometimes you just want to spend a leisurely day on the beach. With surf fishing, you can set up a chair and umbrella and  do some fishing while still spending time with the family. All you need is a long fishing rod and reel, a waited surf fishing rig, bait, and don’t forget your North Carolina fishing license. All of this can be picked up at local bait and tackle shops,  including the license. You can also get your license at Marine Fisheries and online via the NC Wildlife Organization.

When it comes to bait, it’s a personal choice. Some prefer soft plastic artificial bait with a jig head, while others prefer real bait, including shrimp, mullet, squid, and sand fleas, which can be purchased at bait stores or you can catch and collect your own with cast nets or digging for sand fleas where the water breaks. Bait up and then cast your line into the breaking waves. Dawn, dusk, and high tide are the best times to go fishing, and there are inlets near Atlantic Beach, along the Fort Macon jetty, and Emerald Isle fishing piers that are great places to try your chances. The bait and tackle shops are also great sources of information about where to go and what’s currently biting, so strike up a friendship with the staff.

If you like the idea of catching your own fish, give surf fishing a try. With all of the beaches near Beau Coast, and great bait and tackle shops around Beaufort, you’ll soon be catching some great fish to enjoy at home. Make sure it’s one of the Beaufort NC new homes for sale at Beau Coast to ensure you have easy access for surf fishing, and a great kitchen to take it home to at the end of the day! Contact us to learn more about Beau Coast community and its fantastic location.