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Kayaking & Paddleboarding Along the Crystal Coast

Exploring the Crystal Coast by water is one of the many draws of purchasing one of our coastal homes in Beaufort NC at Beau Coast. Along with the numerous amenities within the community, we have a Kayak Barn where residents can store their canoes and kayaks, making it easy to get out and enjoy more of the coastal lifestyle. As you head out to explore the Coast by paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, you’ll find trails and adventures for all skill levels.

Beginner paddle trails typically include wildlife and scenic views along with protected water and shorter trips, allowing novice paddlers to gain more experience. There are a variety of paddle trails ranging from from 2.3 miles to 8.4 miles, each with their own appeal. The 2.3-mile Whitehurst Creek Trail is a great starting trail that also provides paddlers with fantastic birdwatching, including pelicans, herons, egrets, shorebirds, osprey, oystercatchers, terns, and cormorants. Meanwhile the Rachel Carson Reserve Paddle is a short paddle across Taylor’s Creek, where you can rest and return or as you feel more confident, you can finish the 8.4 mile loop that includes birds, as well as a herd of feral horses.

As you gain experience and strength, there are intermediate paddle trails to explore. Among the many intermediate trails is the Whale Creek Paddle. This 5.8 mile paddle trail takes you around Harkers Island point, over to the Shackleford Banks, across the Bay Sound, before heading into Shackleford, where you will find the 19th century whaling community, as well as wonderful natural scenery that includes salt grasses and wild horses. There are even opportunities to camp on the island.

For advanced paddlers – experience and physical condition to manage open water, high and low tides, strong winds, and currents – there are a variety of trails to explore. The White Oak River Paddle Trail (17.22 miles) can be broken up into four stints or you can just do one. The trail begins at White Oak Campground and culminates at Boondocks Landing, just inside Carteret County. As you maneuver your way through, you’ll come across downed trees, beaver dams, deep and rapid water, and more adventures as you work your way along the Coast.

Another advanced option that is shorter (4.9 miles) but challenging is the Cape Lookout Lighthouse Paddle. This exciting route combines skill and scenery that includes ibis, egrets and other birds, as well as dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays and more.

These are just a few of the many kayaking and paddle trails along the Crystal Coast. Contact us today to learn more about Peninsula’s Phase 3 that is now open. We have homesites from the high $200’s with gorgeous views of the water that you will be able to explore. These water adventures are just some of the many benefits of living in one of our coastal homes in Beaufort NC so reach out today to make your coastal dreams a reality.

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