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Iconic Southern Charm

August 11, 2021

Southern Live Oak Trees are native to the Southeastern United States and are particularly iconic of the Old South. This native tree is perfectly adapted to coastal areas as they are very salt tolerant. Live Oak is used to distinguish these lovely trees from a regular oak as they are considered an evergreen tree.

Most live oaks have twisted and hunched trunks and very long root system to help survive harsh weather conditions, such as hurricanes. Mature live oaks can live for centuries long with a life span up to 500 years! This fact brings home the southern and historical charm of Beaufort, North Carolina.

You will find these beautiful moss laden live oaks throughout the Town of Beaufort as well as our beautiful Beau Coast community. Come, Live easy at Beau Coast!

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Located on the Southern Outer Banks in historic Beaufort, Beau Coast offers a relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle. Kayak in the morning, take a water taxi to see the wild horses in the afternoon, walk into town for dinner at night.

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