Beau Coast offers many gorgeous amenities and one that doesn’t fall short of amazing is Trader’s Lake. This is so much more than a man-made lake. It’s a place for all of the residents to come together and have fun, in and out of the water. If you’re looking at homes in Beaufort NC, this is just another reason why you should choose Beau Coast.

Trader’s Lake truly counts as an outstanding amenity here at Beau Coast. There is a comfortable patio overlooking the water, perfect for getting together with friends and enjoying some food and drinks from Beau Gro-To Go, a local restaurant’s on-site branch that offers sandwiches, salads, and homemade meals to go, as well as various drinks, including wine and beer. Add in the firepit on the patio and this space is a wonderful place to enjoy year round.

The lake also features beautiful fountains that add to the scenic view. Yet these are much more than just attractive water features. They also help to clean and maintain the water’s clarity. This is important because the lake is stocked with fish, but you will also notice small wooden ramps at various points around the lake. These are a safe and easy way for turtles to get in and out of the water without risk of being stuck.

Trader’s Lake is more than just a pretty view and nice place to pass the time, whether you’re a person or a turtle! Residents also enjoy the opportunity to take a kayak out onto the lake. As the lake is equipped with kayak launches and a kayak storage unit.

Trader’s Lake is surrounded by homes in the community, making it an ideal place to simply sit back and relax, have some fun on the water, or gather with friends for an easy get-together, day or night. Trader’s Lake and our other amazing amenities are among the many reasons why people choose to purchase one of the homes in Beaufort NC at Beau Coast. We still have a number of homesites available at Peninsula and other available homes and townhomes that are ready now or early this spring, so contact us today to learn more about this wonderful community that you will love calling home.

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