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Beaufort NC: Nautical Jewel of Crystal Coast

Traders Lake

The Town of Beaufort is widely known for its boating, to the point that Our State Magazine has called it the “Nautical Jewel of the Crystal Coast.” Anyone interested in boating, whether you prefer yachts or kayaks, will fall in love with this area and surely want to purchase one of the Beaufort NC homes at Beau Coast community for easy access to all kinds of boating activities.

From large yachts to small skiffs to kayaks and canoes, you’ll find vessels of all sizes from nearly all over the world floating along Taylor’s Creek, which runs parallel along the whole Beaufort waterfront down to the Beau Coast Community. You’ll find more boats along the downtown docks, not to mention marine stores downtown to keep vessels shipshape. Plus, if you want to sit back and let someone else do the sailing, there are numerous water tours and taxis crossing Taylor’s Creek and Bogue Sound hourly.

Just about everyone calls Beaufort a boater’s dream, thanks to the fantastic waterways, including the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the way Beaufort makes it so easy to enjoy getting out on the water.  In Beaufort, your every boating wish can come true – at least it seems that way – with the town catering to a range of interests. Take a lunch cruise around the sound, take a break and dock at one of the posh local marinas, or sit back on the boardwalk and enjoy the view of the beautiful array of boats, yachts, and kayaks all enjoying a day out on the sun-glittered waters.

The town almost feels designed to accommodate any boating wish. Its long history as an important port has certainly played a part in that. That’s why you’ll also find the NC Maritime Museum right in Beaufort. This is a truly impressive museum showing everything from the local maritime history to how boats are made. There’s even a wooden boat show and a junior sailing program, which Beau Coast is proud to help sponsor.

So, if you find yourself drawn to the coast and feel the deep pull to go down to the seas again, head to Beaufort. No matter your vessel of choice, Beaufort is there for you. Beau Coast is, as well, with on-site boat access and homes designed for coastal living. Many homes in our community have waterfront access, and we have two kayak barns for storing kayaks and canoes at no extra cost to residents.

Plus, residents have easy access to the Beau Coast Waterfront Park, where they have exclusive boat access to Taylor’s Creek, complete with launches. For those who want to catch crabs or fish, there’s a convenient pier, or you can just sit back in relaxing chairs in the manicured garden and enjoy the water view with friends and maybe a glass of wine, taking in the beauty of the scenery, the dolphins playing in Taylor’s Creek, and the amazing sunsets that are a perfect end to a day on or by the water. By purchasing one of the Beaufort NC homes in Beau Coast community, you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of nautical activities of all kinds.





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